About OPR

The postnatal period is the most important and overlooked stage of a mother’s and baby’s lives. The postnatal period remains challenging for new parents as many maternal and newborn deaths occur during this period. Sometimes there is not enough human capacity to efficiently use the substantial resources to improve the health of new mothers.

The problem we are intending to solve

Postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety is a mental condition that can develop shortly after pregnancy is over. According to the American Pregnancy Association, approximately 15% of new moms are diagnosed with postpartum depression, 10% are estimated to develop postpartum anxiety.

Various educational programs available to support new parents during this stressful period lack the holistic approach of postpartum recovery. They do not offer preventive and treatment procedures to reduce stress and heal mentally and physically faster.

What OPR offers

Our Optimal Postpartum Recovery (OPR) mobile app helps new mothers by guiding them through this important time, helping to improve their and their baby’s health and lives.

OPR focuses on the woman’s post-pregnancy recovery and solving the maternity doubts in a personalized way. It covers nutrition, childbirth & parenting education, postpartum depression diagnosis & treatment, remote monitoring of baby’s health, etc.
We believe that such mobile communication technologies are particularly beneficial for mothers residing in remote areas where the mobile phone can reach more people faster.

OPR provides its users with clear, easy-to-understanding information explaining each topic and assisting with an easier postpartum transition.


Trustworthiness and quality are essential; we want moms-to-be and new moms to trust our services.


We always put the women’s well-being first and set our standards high to exceed clients’ expectations.


We are driven to make meaningful improvements in postpartum care and achieve excellence through knowledge and innovation.