We are here for you during your postnatal period

The postpartum phase is an intense time that demands great care for both you and your newborn. We are presenting a great solution that will help new mothers by guiding them through this critical time!

Upcoming Changes

A woman’s body goes through various changes, from recovering after childbirth to hormonal mood swings. Plus, additional stress of tackling breastfeeding, sleeps loss and the general transition to parenthood.

Timely Care

We understand that timely, high-quality postnatal care is essential for maximizing the mother’s and infant’s health. Maternal and neonatal morbidity and death rate could be reduced by providing postpartum care.

Your Guide

Optimal Postpartum Recovery (OPR) is a mobile application that helps new mothers by guiding them through this critical time, helping to improve their and their babies’ health and lives.

We have a mission to develop a mobile application that will provide a new approach to postpartum care, help overcome physical and emotional problems, and avoid possible complications, especially postpartum depression.